LAshX by Makeup Mandy

Custom Permanent Eyelash Extensions


I am a Licensed & Certified Technician for LAshX , considered the Luxury Brand in permanent eyelash extensions & aftercare. LAshX prides themselves on being the safest, healthiest brand on the market. The LAshX team continually work together to raise the bar of lash extension quality, safety and aftercare.


The art of lash extension application is a highly technical and meticulous process. Individual Mink Lashes are singularly bonded to each natural lash, creating a longer, thicker, more glamorous look without diminishing the health of natural lashes.


Mink lash is a faux mink that is strong enough to hold its shape and curve while soft enough to last longer and feel better than traditional synthetic lashes. Lash mink lashes are also significantly safer on the delicate human lash.


LAshX extensions last for 6-8 weeks between touch ups.

And of course, the adhesive is 100% formaldehyde free.





Based on the number of lash extensions applied:

(each package includes both eyes)


1. The Starlet: 45 lashes(per eye)

2. The Leading Lady: 70 lashes(per eye)

3. Paparazzi Perfect: 90 lashes(per eye)

4. Red Carpet Ready: 120 lashes(per eye)


Touch Up Services:

(Based on first application service)

a. 2 weeks =

b. 3 weeks =

c. 4 weeks =


Add- on services= $25.00


FULL SET includes 1 touch up                     $500.00

(Which is a single extension bonded to every single hair.)

Lasts approx. 2 months.



This is what everyone does, it is $750 for a full set & includes three touch ups. That package lasts about 8 months or so. You save $250 dollars. It’s definitely the way to go if you are going to keep them on!


FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2014 ANY LAshX SERVICE YOU WILL RECEIVE 25% OFF YOUR TOTAL SERVICES!!!! Does not include LAshX by Makeup Mandy products.